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Preparing for Selenium WebDriver Job Interviews

I have seen many people not able to get through Selenium Automation job even though they are having good experience in Selenium.

The key reasons I have found is they are not able to answer Java questions properly. There are few types of questions typically get asked in interviews for Selenium work.

  • Interviews checking your logical skills where they ask you to write programs. They do not involve any OOPS part but plain simple logic and basic Java syntax.
  • Questions around Collections in Java
  • Questions on Object Oriented Programming concepts

Hence I suggest to focus on the following:

  • Prepare for Java very well. Best way to prepare is doing some hands on. Write few programs every week.
  • For Selenium, you should be able to describe your project very well, which framework you are using,  describe framework components and why you have used something like, JUnit or TestNG, Maven or ANT, Jenkins integration, multi browser and multi platform testing using Selenium Grid, version control you are using etc.
  • Keep yourself updated on latest happenings in Selenium by subscribing to Selenium blogs, joining various groups in LinkedIn etc.

Hope this helps.

April 24, 2018