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Eyes of Selenium WebDriver – Locators and Waits

For learning Selenium WebDriver there are lots of resources available online for free. And some of these resources are of really good quality. There are also too many Selenium trainings are available online. But still, companies are struggling while hiring Selenium WebDriver experience people. Nichethyself is leading institute of providing selenium training in Pune.

The key reason for this, we feel are:

  • The online study resources fail to provide practical scenarios for handling certain situation
  • They are also not able to give a flow in which the topics should be learned.

From our experience, we have seen that if one approaches the learning in some structured way then one becomes very effective in automating test cases using WebDriver.

In our Java + Selenium WebDriver training, we focus on two key things i.e. locating techniques and Synchronization in WebDriver.  We call these two as eyes of Selenium WebDriver.

As a human being, while doing manual testing we are able to see the elements we want to take action on by our eyes. And whenever the page takes time to load, we wait naturally as we can see through our eyes that page is loading.

While for Selenium WebDriver, this is made possible through locators and synchronization. In our trainings we ask students to complete almost 40-50 assignments for locating simple to complex elements. This gives them a real confidence on finding difficult and dynamic elements as well.

On the same line, we provide detail training on how implicit wait and Explicit Wait should be used to synchronize actions on the webpage. We also highlight the importance of synchronization by giving real time examples where not only synchronization is a MUST but it is difficult to implement by having just theory knowledge of explicit wait. We also highlight how the complexity varies based on technology used for developing the web application. E.g. applications developed using AngularJS are difficult to automate using WebDriver due asynchronous calls made. And if the application is made from extJS then it has its own complexity.

If one masters these two skills (locating techniques and synchronization) then he/she can automate any web application available.

So if you are one of the person who has no time to go and learn Selenium through a proper online instructor led or classroom training then you should first focus in mastering these two techniques from free resources available online.

April 27, 2018