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MEAN stack is a technology stack based on the JavaScript language that helps you build fast, robust, and maintainable web applications. Combining the powers of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS (hence the acronym MEAN), it’s become a popular option for creating dynamic websites.
MEAN is a complete technology stack comprising of a DB Tier technology (MongoDB), the middle Tier/Server Tier technologies (Node.js & Express.js) and a client/presentation Tier technology (AngularJS). Together these four technologies provide everything that is required to create a powerful enterprise solution.
Being an end-to-end JavaScript technology stack. From Database to the server side to the presentation tier side- you have one single language to write code. This means a developers working on the client tier will be equally productive on the DB tier and the server tier.
With exponential growth in adoption of MEAN stack by the Fortune 500 companies there is huge demand for Full stack developers with good knowledge of Javascript frameworks like Client-side AngularJS, Server-side NodeJs and Mongo Database. Upgrading yourself with ‘in demand’ skills will help you with better job prospects and higher salary.

Mean Stack Curriculum

Course Detail
  • What is the MEAN Stack

  • MEAN Stack advantages

  • Template Engines- Jade and Handlebars

  • Introduction to MongoDB

  • Application using Node JS