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Data Analysis and Machine Learning with Python


    With Data evolving into digital form covering the world of IoT, Social Media, Mobile and other forms of emerging technologies, the pressure on businesses is immense to justify cost with return of investment.
    Learning New technologies and Business Analytics is paramount for professionals to streamline their efforts, justify the spend with the right metrics and solve real world data analysis problems.

    We can help you! Introducing our Data Analysis and Machine Learning with Python Course​

    This course will cover the basics of Python to help you analyze different types of data. We will show you how to prepare data for analysis, perform necessary statistical analysis by leveraging Pandas and Numpy libraries, create meaningful data visualizations (with Seaborn and Matplotlib Modules), predict future trends from data, and more!​

    We will also use machine learning algorithms to build smart models and make amazing predictions. Your learning will be amplified with Use Cases and Practical Case Studies to help you apply the algorithms in the real world.​

    Skills you will gain – Python Programming, Predictive Modelling, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Model building & selection.​

    Launch your Career now. Don’t Miss out!

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