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AWS – Solutions Architect – Associate training


    If you are going through a feeling that you need to upgrade your skills to be relevant in the market. This course will prepare you for getting certified as AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level by AWS. In this training you will learn various services provided by AWS and how to use them in real scenarios. It will help you design solutions for the customer’s requirements and implement the solution using best practices such that you create secure and robust applications on AWS.

    AWS Solutions architect certification is top rated cloud certification in the industry. It has opened a new career for IT professionals.

    How this course will help you:
    Based on our past experience, it is best for candidates to go through this course and work on few solutions for 4-6 months and then appear for the certification exams.
    Many of the candidates have appeared for certification exam immediately after the course as well. You can decide based on your current requirements and available opportunities.
    Course Objective:

    Intended Audience:
    – Anybody in IT, Developers, testers, or in operations can attend this training
    – Existing solution architects
    – Startups wanting to move to cloud can attend this training to understand how their product can be deployed and maintained on AWS

    – An account with AWS. We will help you set this up

    What is in scope:

    All AWS Services mentioned in syllabus are covered with Theory & Hands-on session
    Each Session typically spans over 3 hours on a day
    2-3 Quizes will be conducted in between the sessions for extra time
    Real world architecture discussion towards end of the course
    Practice exams
    Course recordings for future reference.

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