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Course Curriculum

API Introduction
What is API 00:00:00
What is Web Services 00:00:00
REST vs SOAP 00:00:00
Monolithic vs Microservices architecture 00:00:00
Need for API Automation 00:00:00
Java- Eclipse-TestNG-Maven
Java Setup and configuration 00:00:00
Eclipse installation and configuration 00:00:00
TestNG instllation 00:00:00
TestNG basics 00:00:00
TestNG Annotations 00:00:00
Maven installation 00:00:00
Maven basics 00:00:00
Introduction to REST API
Rest API Introduction 00:00:00
REST API Architecture 00:00:00
HTTP Methods ( various formats, JSON, XML, Raw) 00:00:00
Calls GET,POST,PUT,DELETE 00:00:00
Twitter API documentation 00:00:00
oAuth undesrtanding 00:00:00
Service Virtualization
Why Service Virtualization required? 00:00:00
Difference between mocking and virtualization 00:00:00
Service Virtualization Tools 00:00:00
Rest Assured
Automating use cases using REST Assured 00:00:00
Understanding given tag for passing requests 00:00:00
Validate Rest API responses 00:00:00
Understanding query parameters 00:00:00
Excel integration 00:00:00
Deep Dive
Passing the response values into subsequent requests 00:00:00
Datadriven testing best practises 00:00:00
Optimizing scripts 00:00:00
Validating xml responses 00:00:00
Handling dynamic Json payloads with parameterization 00:00:00
Example on Parameterization of API Tests with multiple data sets 00:00:00
Sending parameters to payload from Test 00:00:00
Serialization/ Deserialization -Java POJO 00:00:00
Automating Real world APIs
JIRA or Twitter API use case automation 00:00:00
Postman-Creating collections,Paramterized Request,Executing collections 00:00:00
Newman-Running multiple APIs at a time 00:00:00
Google API client-Introduction and Automating API flows 00:00:00
Jmeter-Introduction,Paramterization,Executing API tests with load 00:00:00
SoapUI-Introduction,Test steps,Parameterization,Reporting in SOAP 00:00:00
swagger 2.0 for API documentation 00:00:00
Importance of logs 00:00:00
log4j API 00:00:00
Jenkins integration 00:00:00
Developing REST API framework using Jenkins,Maven, TestNG with reporting abilities 00:00:00
Rest Assured with BDD Framework 00:00:00
SpringBoot Rest application automation with Spring restemplate 00:00:00
Sample test case automation using python 00:00:00
Integration API suite with slack(stretched goal) 00:00:00