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Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI

    This course is modelled around the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam 70-778, and the training is delivered by Microsoft Certified Professional on PowerBI. More details of the Microsoft exam 70-778 can be found here :
    The session length is proposed to be a 12 Days course to be conducted over six consecutive weekend.
    We will be using practical scenarios/real world examples to help understand the approach of an analytics project including how to define a story board, identify data sources, data cleanup, imputation and transformation and visual representation through different dashboards.
    The objective is to equip students with a excellent working knowledge to perform data visualization using PowerBI.
    The training is a hands down trainng with practicals on different datasets . Pre requisite is to have at least 4GB RAM laptop with Power Bi desktop installed in it.Participants interested in giving the Microsoft exam will have to register separately by paying the exam Fee to an authorised examination center. The training Fee doesnt include examination registraion, and will have to be done independtly by the paricipants if anyone is interested to give the exam.

    Data Visualization Curriculum

    Course Detail
    • Introduction to Power BI

    • Performing Data transformations & establishing relationships

    • Understanding DAX and Power Query

    • Creating calculated Columns, Hierarchies, Tables & Measures

    • Configuring Power BI Services, Dashboards, Reports and Apps