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Python – Foundation Course

    Python is a programming language that has been around since the 1990s.

    From the very beginning, Python has been designed to be compact, modular, efficient and extensible.

    Additional functionality can be easily incorporated through the large standard library that Python itself provides and third party modules/libraries developed by the community.

    This ability to constantly enhance/extend the functionality of Python has made it very popular with the Developer community.

    An entire ecosystem has grown up around Python and it is being increasingly used for enterprise web application development, machine learning, data sciences and other kinds of applications. More and more enterprises are looking at Python to solve their business problems.

    This course requires 35 hours and includes approximately 40 examples, 20 exercises that the students will have to complete on their own and 2-4 activities that they will have to execute in groups to foster the concept of collaboration.

    Using a code based interactive approach, as opposed to theory first, a more effective learning environment will be provided. From day one, we will dive straight into code !.

    We are confident about making the students excited about this great language, curious about exploring features on their own and becoming part of the vibrant Python community !.

    Next Steps – After completing this course, the students can immediately move onto more advanced topics

    Python Curriculum

    Course Detail
    • Basics of Python

    • Python Installation

    • Python Interactive shell

    • Advance Python

    • Exception Handling